Introduction of Gear Pump
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Introduction of Gear Pump

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 Sometimes when the power take-off takes power, the gear pump makes a rapid "click, click..." sound, which is mostly caused by the insufficient oil intake of the oil pump. This phenomenon occurs in a new car, which may be caused by the oil pump inlet pipe being too thin or the oil inlet pipe being sucked and deflated. The oil inlet pipe should be thickened, and the oil inlet pipe with high strength and hardness (with steel wire in the oil pipe) should be used; after using the dump truck for a period of time, it should be It may be that the oil inlet pipe is aged and sucked and deflated, or the filter screen of the oil outlet of the oil storage tank is blocked, resulting in poor oil intake. If all possibilities have been ruled out, then only the oil pump is damaged, and the oil pump should be replaced in time.

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