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HOWO 6X4 Dump truck middle tipping

These are related to the HOWO 6X4 Dump truck middle tipping news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in HOWO 6X4 Dump truck middle tipping and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand HOWO 6X4 Dump truck middle tipping market.
  • 2021-10-18

    Maintenance method of dump truck

    First of all, the car generally has a running-in period. During the running-in period, try to avoid the load on the car. At the same time, try to avoid speeding or slowing the car. In addition, daily maintenance should be done as much as possible. Every time the dump truck works for more than 50 hou

  • 2021-10-15

    6CBM Dump Truck to Oran

    Our light truck has been finished yesterday, it will be shipped from Shanghai port to Oran port.The cargo that dump trucks are suitable for loading and unloading are mainly accumulation cargo, such as sand, stones, coal, soil, ore, etc. It is also suitable for steel, long materials and logs, etc.; i

  • 2021-09-27

    Dump Truck to Harare

    We dispatched one unit dump truck to Zimbabwe, and it has arrived at Shanghai port yesterday, it will be shipped to Harare port tomorrow.Dump truck refers to a vehicle that unloads goods by hydraulic or mechanical lifting. Also known as dump truck. It is composed of automobile chassis, hydraulic li

  • 2021-09-29

    New Truck Inspection of DumpTruck

    1. Check whether the amount of oil in the hydraulic oil tank is sufficient, otherwise you must add enough oil according to the specified oil grade. At the same time, check whether the manual control valve, air circuit leaks, and the hydraulic system oil circuit leaks.2. Under no-load conditions, car

  • 2021-09-28

    Working Principle of Dump Truck

    The structure of the dump truck's engine, chassis and cab is the same as that of a general truck.The high-pressure oil enters the lifting hydraulic cylinder through the distribution valve and the oil pipe.The engine drives the hydraulic pump through the transmission and the power take-off device. Th

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