Advantages of Side and Back Tipping Dump truck
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Advantages of Side and Back Tipping Dump truck

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Rollover dump trucks requires an open space. Trucks that use rollover lifts generally have longer body sizes (such as semi-trailers and cargo compartments longer than 9.6 dump trucks and other vehicles), the goods carried by the vehicles are relatively fixed, and the unloading site is relatively flat.

Rear dump trucks are generally applied to container length less than 8 meters less than 8.6 meters. Loading goods is more flexible and changeable. For vehicles called rollovers, the unloading site is much more free and there are basically no restrictions.

Relatively speaking, rollover is definitely safer.

Due to the low lift height and the low center of gravity of the dump truck in the form of rollover lift, it is less prone to rollover accidents. However, due to the limitation of its lifting form, the loaded goods and the unloading site have certain limitations, so they must be used in conjunction with the shift support.


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