Classification of Aerial Work Vehicles
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Classification of Aerial Work Vehicles

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Aerial work vehicle refers to a special vehicle that transports staff and equipment to the scene and conducts aerial work. In addition to the chassis, high-altitude operating vehicles also have power transmission devices, working devices, safety devices and hydraulic systems in order to achieve their high-altitude operations functions. Self-propelled

The main feature of the ZSJY series self-propelled hydraulic lifting platform is: the user can control the mechanical lifting and walking without going down the lifting platform, and can control the equipment to travel to other working places on the platform. The equipment itself has walking and steering drive functions, without manual traction or external power supply. It is flexible and convenient to move, making high-altitude operations more convenient and quick. It is an ideal high-altitude operation equipment for modern enterprises' efficient and safe production.

  • Telescopic

The telescopic boom aerial work platform is a product that serves mobile aerial work in various industries, such as aerial work, equipment installation, and maintenance. Telescopic boom aerial work platforms are mainly divided into straight boom aerial work platforms and bent boom aerial work platforms. It is mostly used in places with high requirements such as shipyards. This type of machine is safer and easy to move, but the cost is high.

  • Crank arm

The crank arm type aerial work vehicle is easy to move, and the crank arm structure is compact. The use of new high-quality steel, high strength, light weight, directly connected to AC power or powered by the vehicle's own power, fast erection speed, with a telescopic arm, the workbench can be raised It can be extended and can be rotated 360 degrees, and it is easy to cross obstacles to reach the working position. It is an ideal high-altitude operation equipment.

  • Cylinder type

Cylinder-type aerial work vehicle is a multi-purpose aerial work machine. Its function is to send a platform carrying operators and equipment to special engineering equipment at a designated height for aerial work. This equipment is widely used in high-altitude operations such as industrial and mining workshops, high halls, warehouses, stations, and squares. The whole machine is composed of a platform, a telescopic cylinder, a single-ladder or double-ladder anti-rotation mechanism, a chassis fuel tank, outriggers, walking wheels, etc. The platform has a telescopic oil cylinder to directly lift up. When the motor is started, the gear pump is driven by the motor to supply oil. The oil is input into the oil cylinder through the one-way valve and electromagnetic channel. The telescopic oil cylinder rises section by section. When the platform reaches the maximum height, the system pressure The rated working pressure is reached. At this time, the spill valve is unloaded, and the oil pressure is kept at a constant working pressure. After the stop, the one-way valve maintains the pressure, and the platform stays at the maximum working position. Stay anywhere below the maximum height.

The color of aerial work trucks is mainly the color of engineering yellow, which is more eye-catching no matter in day or night. Also provide a variety of options.


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