Gearbox Failure Analysis
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Gearbox Failure Analysis

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1. The high and low gears of the auxiliary speed shift are out of gear

Pressure regulating valve is defective, air pipe or joint is loose, air pipe or joint is flattened, gear is affected by shaft distortion, away from the position of the opposite tooth, joint tooth is taper.

2. Main transmission out of gear or jump.

Fork wear, lock spring is weak or missing, gear is affected by shaft distortion, leaving the position of the tooth, joint tooth taper, sliding sleeve wear, selection. Shifting link by obstacles, selection. Improper shift link adjustment, engine instability, engine and transmission misalignment

3. The shift belt in high and low gears is slow or unable to shift

The pressure regulating valve is defective, the gas pipe or joint is loose, the gas pipe is clamped flat, the double H valve plunger is stuck, the cylinder piston O-ring is damaged, the cylinder piston nut is loose, the cylinder piston is broken, the synchronizer spring is damaged, the synchronizer is damaged, the cylinder O-ring lubricant is too much or no.


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