HOWO A7 10 Wheels Tractor
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HOWO A7 10 Wheels Tractor

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Engine Engine model: D12.42, Euro II emission standard
4 stroke direct injection diesel engine
6 cylinder in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging & intercooling
Maximum output: 420hp(309Kw) at 2000 rpm according to DIN
Maximum torque: 1820Nm at 1100~1500 rpm
Bore: 126mm;  
Stroke: 155mm;

Displacement: 11.596L;  
Compression ratio:17:1

Specific fuel consumption: 190g/kwh;  
Engine oil filling quantity: 19L

Cooling system filling quantity (long-term filling): 40L
Thermostat opening temperature: 71oC
Single cylinder air compressor                   
Rigid fan
Clutch 430mm diaphragm spring clutch, hydraulic control with air assistance.D10.38, D12.38 engine standard is 430A model. D10.34 standard is 430B.
Transmission SINOTRUK HWseries. Model HW19710.
10 gears transmission, transmission with main and auxiliary transmission structure.
Main transmission with double counter shaft, auxiliary transmission with planetary reduction, with PTO.

Ratio:10.73,7.89,5.91,4.38,3.29,2.45,1.82,1.35,1, 0.75
Front Axle HR9, 9 ton, Steering with double T-cross section. Disc Brake.
Option: drum brake.
Rear Axles HC16, 16ton. Double Reduction(central reduction+wheel reduction).
Differential locks between wheels and axles

Ratio: 4.8                   
Option: 5.73
Chassis Frame: U-profile parallel ladder with section of 300×80×8mm and reinforced subframe, riveted cross members
Front suspension: semi-elliptic leaf springs with hydraulic telescopic double-action shock absorbers and stabilizer
Rear suspension: 12 semi-elliptic leaf springs with bogie spring
Fuel tank: with one 400 L fuel tank with locking fuel cap
Fifth wheel size: 2 inch  Option:3.5 inch
Steering ZF8118 (Left Hand Drive) , hydraulic steering with power assistance.
Option: Right Hand Drive
Brakes Service brake: duel circuit compressed air brake
Parking Brake: spring energy, compressed air operating on rear wheels
Auxiliary brake: engine exhaust brake
Option: ABS
howo A7 tractor

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