How to Clean Fuel Tank Truck?
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How to Clean Fuel Tank Truck?

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1. High-temperature steam cleaning method: The high temperature of the steam affects the performance of petrochemical products, so that the tanker can be cleaned. The presence of steam or water gas, this method can avoid the chemical reaction between the tanker truck and the cleaning agent, which is very safe.

2. Chemical reagent cleaning method: It can be divided into several kinds, such as chemical reaction washing, detergent and lye washing. The advantage is that the cleaning effect is good, but the disadvantage is that the chemical test machine is easy to react with petrochemical products, and the risk factor is relatively high.

3. High-pressure water cleaning method: The use of high-pressure water jets to hit, cut and remove the inner wall of the tank has a low risk factor, but it may be difficult to remove certain stubborn stains.

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