How to Drive a Semi-trailer for Beginners
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How to Drive a Semi-trailer for Beginners

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1.Starting skills

The semi-trailer must use the first gear when driving. The clutch pedal should be steady but not violent when the clutch pedal is loosened. Avoid using half clutch to prevent the clutch friction plate from burning.

2. Pay attention to the throttle

It is necessary to properly increase the throttle, the wheel difference is large, if the outer front corner of the car is out of the distance, you should try to make a big turn.

3. Brakes

Semi-trailers generally have all-wheel braking, so the braking performance is better, and the brakes can be used appropriately.

When a semi-trailer turns around, you should generally choose a wider intersection so that you can drop in and reverse at one time.

6. Separation

When it is necessary to separate the tractor from the semi-trailer, plug the front and rear tires of the semi-trailer with triangular wood or stones to prevent slippage, and then lower the auxiliary support frame of the semi-trailer to contact the ground and brake Untie the connector of the pipeline and the plug of the lamp with the cable, and then open the locking mechanism of the saddle grinding disc to make the tractor drive away from the semi-trailer and complete the separation

7. Combined with tractor

When you want to recombine the tractor and semi-trailer, operate equidistantly in the opposite direction.

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