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Information about Axle

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Axle is connected to the frame (or bearing body) by suspension, and wheels are installed at both ends. Its function is to transfer the frame (or bearing type body) and the wheel between the forces and torque in all directions. According to the different suspension structure, the axle can be divided into two types: integral and broken.

The central part of the integral vehicle bridge is rigid solid or hollow beam, like a huge barbell, both ends of the suspension to support the body, this kind of vehicle bridge is the integral vehicle bridge, with non-independent suspension.

The middle of the broken bridge is a movable joint structure, which makes the wheels on both sides of the car can move relative in the transverse plane, that is, the two wheels can be independently suspended under the frame by elastic components, and this form of the bridge is more with independent suspension.

According to the different driving mode of the vehicle, the vehicle bridge can be divided into steering bridge, drive bridge, steering drive bridge and support bridge four categories. Among them, the steering bridge and the support bridge belong to the driven bridge. Generally, cars use the front and rear drive drive mode, so the front bridge is mostly steering bridge, and the rear bridge is mostly driving bridge. The front axle is the steering drive axle and the rear axle is the support axle. The front axle of some modern cars and off-road vehicles is the steering drive axle, and the middle axle (or rear axle) of single-axle driven three-axle cars (6X2 cars) is the drive axle, and the rear axle (or middle axle) is the support axle.


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