Introduction of Compressed Garbage Truck
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Introduction of Compressed Garbage Truck

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1. Using one-button operation of electro-mechanical-hydraulic integration technology, using microcomputer PLC intelligent control program, only need to press a button, it can automatically complete single cycle or continuous cycle garbage loading action, the operation is very convenient.

2. The compression ratio is high, and the garbage compression ratio can reach more than 1:2.5. After the domestic garbage is compressed, the density can reach 0.5-0.8t/m3, and the loading capacity is large.

3. High loading efficiency, one cycle time of loading operation is less than 30 seconds, and one cycle time of unloading operation is less than 40 seconds.

4. Two operation modes, electric button operation and handle operation, which is convenient for debugging and maintenance. Both operation modes can work independently, When the electrical system fails, the handle operation mode can be used to continue working to ensure work efficiency.

5. There are operating buttons in the cab and the rear of the vehicle. When unloading garbage in the garbage dump, the operator does not need to get off the vehicle. The whole process of unloading garbage can be completed, which is very convenient.

6. The joint between the filler and the box body adopts special-shaped sealing strips to be hydraulically locked, so that the garbage is reliably sealed in the box body to prevent garbage and sewage leakage.

7. In the hydraulic oil circuit of the lift loader, there is a safety device to prevent the oil pipe from bursting and the loader suddenly falls to improve the safety of use. 

8. An emergency brake button is specially set on the vehicle, which can stop the garbage filling device in any state or any position to protect the operating personnel

And equipment safety.

9. Imported parts are used for key control components to ensure stable and reliable operation of garbage trucks.


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