Introduction to The Function of Cleaning Sewage truck
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Introduction to The Function of Cleaning Sewage truck

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Purpose of cleaning the sewage  truck: the main function of the high-pressure cleaning part of the cleaning suction truck is to dredge sewers, sewage pipes, dead-angle mud ditches, and can also be used to clean industrial drain pipes, walls, etc., to clean the ground of roads and squares. Its working principle is :The water sprayed by the high-pressure nozzle forms a reaction force in the sewer, so that the high-pressure nozzle pushes forward to break up the blockage in the pipeline, open it, and clean it to achieve the role of dredging. The whole vehicle has a reasonable design structure, excellent performance.

  • Performance description of cleaning and suction truck: the cleaning and suction truck integrates the functions of washing, dredging, suction and opposite discharge. Its suction part is used in various liquid and semi-liquid (such as septic tanks, sewers, rain wells, inspections). Sludge in wells, sedimentation wells and stones of about 10 mm), as well as the suction, shipment, and discharge of sludge, feces, waste water and other media under various ditches. It can also be used for emergency treatment of sudden environmental pollution accidents. It can be used to absorb sewage in septic tanks and sewers in communities, projects, schools, breeding farms, etc., or to clean and transfer mud on site, and transfer crude oil in oil refineries.

  • Sewage cleaning truck is a special vehicle that is equipped with sewage suction pump, sewage suction tank, sewage suction pipeline and other facilities on the basis of high-pressure cleaning truck, which integrates two functions of cleaning and sewage suction. Pump (high-pressure cleaning pump, vacuum suction pump), two casing pipe system, etc.


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