Key Points of Operation of Tractor
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Key Points of Operation of Tractor

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  • Towing vehicle preparation work: When towing, put the two ends of the towing rope on the towing hook and the towing hook of the towed vehicle respectively. Getting started: When towing with a soft link, first determine the contact signal and precautions of the towing vehicle and the towed vehicle. Driving: When the vehicle is towed by the soft link, the vehicle in front must drive at a constant speed.

  • When the tractor goes downhill, the vehicle in front should be on the right side of the road. Properly speed up the vehicle to prevent the traction rope from being too loose and difficult to control. Braking and parking: During soft-link traction driving, without special circumstances, the vehicle in front should try to avoid braking the brakes, and emergency braking is not allowed. Choose a wide and flat area for parking. The vehicle in front should first use gestures to warn the following vehicle, and then slow down and move to the side. It is expected that the following vehicle should use the brake to stop smoothly when it enters the roadside.

  • Turning of the tractor: When the soft link tractor encounters a bay road, the vehicle in front must slow down in advance and use hand gestures, and the horn to predict the next vehicle should drive as far as possible on the outside of the bay road. Driving on a ramp: When going uphill, the vehicle in front should be staggered with the vehicle behind to prevent the vehicle in front from hitting the vehicle behind when it reverses.

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