Maintenance of Headlights
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Maintenance of Headlights

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A bright headlight will certainly be of great help in the driving of a dump truck. For those who like to do it themselves, adjusting the headlights is a good opportunity for them to show their talents.

First, choose a night to park your car against a wall. Make the front of the car as perpendicular to the wall as possible, and keep a distance of 10 meters. Turn on the lights first, and cover one light with a thick cloth to adjust the headlights on each side one by one. Remember, the load inside the car can't be too high or too light, so that the lights can be adjusted evenly. It is advisable to find a friend to sit in the car so not only will you be able to maintain a proper load, but you will have someone to help.

After the headlights are turned on, record the projection of the light on the wall with chalk. The left and right headlights should be kept equidistant from the central axis of the dump truck. If the phenomenon of outward deviation or inward deviation occurs, it must be adjusted according to the tips in the tipper's manual. As for the height of the headlight beam, the right headlight should be completely horizontal and direct, while the left headlight should be raised 10 cm upward. Be careful not to adjust the headlight too high, which will illuminate the eyes of the opposite driver.

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