Maneuverability of Electric Tractor
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Maneuverability of Electric Tractor

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1. The control part is reasonably arranged, providing the operator with a large operating space.

2. Large and comfortable seat with cushioning function.

3. The larger pedal contact surface and the extra-long safety armrest provide the operator with safe and comfortable control performance.

4. The steering column can be adjusted at a large angle according to the needs of the driver.

5. The position of the emergency brake switch is reasonable, so that the driver can cut off the power in the shortest time.

6. The arrangement of steering wheel, reversing switch, hand brake, foot pedal, etc. is exactly the same as that of the electric counterbalanced forklift, providing convenience for the driver who drives a variety of vehicles by one person.

7. Large battery box design can be equipped with batteries of different capacities.

8. The micro-motion button at the rear of the vehicle can effectively control the movement of the vehicle in a small area.

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