Operation instructions for left and right side dumping
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Operation instructions for left and right side dumping

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1. Open the door of the side cargo box to be dumped and pull out the pin of the opposite side outrigger.

2. Start the engine to make the air pressure reach the required working pressure of the system (liberation P≥0.6a, other P≥0.8Va)

3. Depress the clutch pedal (10 seconds)

4. Turn on the solenoid valve to open the power take-off switch), and turn the manual lift valve to the lift position.

5. Release the clutch pedal, the hydraulic pump starts to work, the cargo box starts to roll, when the cargo box rolls to the set height, the height limit valve opens automatically, and the cargo box stops at the maximum lifting height (this step depends on different gearboxes). If it is configured before releasing the clutch pedal, there is a difference between engaging and not engaging).

6. Depress the clutch pedal (10 seconds)

7. Close the solenoid valve switch, the oil pump stops working 8. Release the clutch pedal

9. After the cargo is unloaded, turn the manual lift valve to the down position, and the cargo compartment is self-repeating.

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