Operations for Knuckle Boom
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Operations for Knuckle Boom

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The bull market officials stop the basic work of the standard, and they use the Muying City Yugong/Wu TF industry in their hearts.

1) .When the truck-mounted jib is telescopic with load, the provisions of the original manufacturer's instruction manual for load quality should be followed. The allowable load quality is related to the type and working status. If it is not a special working condition, try not to telescopic under load, because telescopic under load will greatly shorten the service life of the inter-arm block.

2) The hoisting mechanism should be operated at the same time when the boom of the truck-mounted crane is retracted to maintain the safe distance of the hook. Special attention should be paid to the fact that when the boom is extended, the hook will be pulled up close to the head of the boom to cause over-rolling. The movement of the hook should be observed at any time.

3) For the synchronous telescopic boom, if the stroke of the front section arm is longer than the rear section arm, it is in an unsafe state and should be corrected. If it is corrected, it should be stopped for maintenance.

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