Precautions for Dump Truck Operation
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Precautions for Dump Truck Operation

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1. Do not suddenly push the lifting handle to the "down position" during the full-load lifting.

If this operation error occurs, the car suddenly rushes down, which will bring a great impact to the frame, and even an accident may occur. Therefore, if there are special circumstances, it must be operated carefully, and the landing speed must be slowed down as much as possible, and the carriage must not be suddenly dropped to the bottom.

2. Do not use heavy lifting trucks-heavy brakes for unloading.

Due to the high inertia force of the heavy lifting vehicle (usually 5-20 times the rated lifting force), it is very easy to cause permanent deformation of the frame, open welding of the carriage and auxiliary frame, burning of the oil pump or damage to the sealing ring, damage to the hydraulic cylinder, etc. , The service life of the vehicle is reduced, and in severe cases, a rollover accident may occur.

3. After the dump truck has finished unloading the cargo, the power take-off must be disengaged before it can be driven.

If this operation error occurs, when the dump truck is driving, because the power take-off is in the "engaged" position, the oil lift pump will run at high speed and no load for a long time under the "small cycle" state. As a result, the oil temperature of the hydraulic oil rises quickly, which can easily cause damage to the oil pump oil seal, and even cause the oil pump to "burn out".

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