Safety Operation Regulations of Dump Semi-trailer
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Safety Operation Regulations of Dump Semi-trailer

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1. It is strictly forbidden to modify the air circuit of the trailer privately before the trailer is used; when the new car is equipped with a welding water tank, the power of the tractor must be turned off; the tire pressure should be checked before the new car is used to avoid abnormal tire wear; tractor and semi-trailer. After connection, you must check whether the main engine traction seat and the trailer traction pin are tightly connected.

2. Don't suddenly push the lifting handle to the "down position" in the middle of full-load lifting. If this operation error occurs, the carriage suddenly rushes down, which will bring a great impact to the frame, and even an accident may occur. If there are special circumstances, it must be operated carefully, and the landing speed must be slowed down as much as possible, and the carriage must not be suddenly dropped to the bottom.

3. Be careful not to move the steering wheel too much during driving, because the body is relatively long and it may roll over. Pay more attention to corners, try to make ample space, and do not use the method of "leaving the rear brake" for brake running-in. This can relatively reduce the impact on the engine when braking, but it may cause danger.

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