Sprinkler Operation Method
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Sprinkler Operation Method

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  • A sprinkler truck  operation

(1) The sprinkler should be as close to the operating point as possible and parked.

(2) Open the side door of the platform box, take out the water absorption hose, and make it swing backward without bending.

(3) Pump the suction hose as deep as possible into the water to ensure that the end of the pipe is always below 300mm from the liquid level during the operation.

(4) Push the handle of the four-way valve to be perpendicular to the ground.

(5) Put the transmission into neutral, then start the engine, disconnect the clutch, pull the power take-off switch backwards to engage the gear and take the power, and the pump starts to run.

(6) The operator can go through the observation mirror on the upper part of the rear head. When the liquid level reaches the middle of the observation mirror, the driver should be notified, and the colleague should quickly pull the water suction hose away from the water surface or close the four-way valve.

(7) After putting away the hose, put it back into the platform box and close the side door.

(8) Drive the sprinkler away from the pumping location.

  • Two sprinkler spraying operations

(1) Pull the rear handle of the four-way valve parallel to the ground, open the ball valve you want to spray (front flush, rear spray, side spray, shower), then start the engine, put the transmission into gear, and set the power take-off Pull the switch backward to shift gears and take power, then disconnect the clutch, the pump starts to run, and starts to sprinkle water

(2) After the water in the tank is sprinkled, the driver should promptly push the power take-off handle forward to release the gear, and the sprinkler pump will stop running.  


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