Temperature Control List of Refrigerated Truck Cargo
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Temperature Control List of Refrigerated Truck Cargo

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In fact, the refrigeration unit is used to maintain the temperature of the goods, not to reduce the temperature of the goods. It is a bit similar to the quilt used to sell cold drinks in the past. It wraps the goods. When the outside temperature enters the compartment of the refrigerated truck through radiation, conduction, and convection, it will be taken away by the cold air blown out by the refrigeration unit to isolate the heat source from entering the goods.

Temperature control list of refrigerated truck cargo

CategoryName of the goodsCargo temperature at loading /℃The temperature maintained by the vehicle

Frozen food

frozen foodLitchi, quick-frozen strawberries, frozen cherry, etcbelow -18below -15
Frozen vegetablesQuick-frozen leaf vegetables, frozen spinach, period, block, green vegetables, cabbage, kale, pepper leaf, celery, etc.)below -18below -15
Frozen vegetablesFrozen beans (Frozen green beans,sweet broad pea,
edamame beans, green beans, cowpeas, broad beans,etc.)
below -18below -15
Frozen vegetablesQuick-frozen tubers (quick-frozen sweet corn, taro, sweet potato, burdock,potato, bisque, ginger, lotus root, carrot, white radish, green radish, konjac,
rice garlic, Yam, horseradish, asparagus, garlic tomb, etc.)
below -18below -15
Quick frozen convenience foodFast east steaming, cooking food; Smoked foodbelow -18below -15

Aquatic products

Frozen fishFrozen fish, crocodile, black crocodile, large yellow croaker, hairtail, herring, grass carp, chain fish, plaited fish, etc.below -18below -15
Frozen aquatic productsFrozen mail, crab, shellfishbelow -18below -15


Frozen cut lean porkbelow -18below -15
Frozen pork, frozen pork slicesbelow -18below -15
beefFrozen beef,meat with bonesbelow -18below -15
muttonFrozen muttonbelow -18below -15
rabbit meatFrozen rabbit meat with bone, frozen boneless rabbit meat,frozen rabbit meatbelow -18below -15
Poultry meatFrozen poultry meat, poultry by-productsbelow -18below -15

Meat proudcts

Frozen hambelow -18below -15

Ham sausage, low temperature ham
(including canned meat, cured meat, bacon) and other meat products


Edible animal oils and shorteningbelow 20below 20

Frozen animal oilbelow -18below -15

Industrial lardbelow 20below 20

Poultry and Eggs

Frozen egg (whole egg pulp)below -18below -15


Diary products

Frozen drinksice creambelow -18below -15
Ice cream, Popsicle, slush, sweet icebelow -18below -15
creamfrozen creambelow -15below -12
Whipping cream, margarinebelow 15below 15
concentrated milksweet condensed milkbelow 25below 25
fresh milkfresh milk (pasteurized or sterilized milk)2-62-6


chocolatebelow -1below-1

Candybelow 25below 25

Fresh vegetables

Leaf vegetablesBelgium chrysanthemum camp, green vegetables, rapeseed, caveseed (Tai Gu CAI), Brussels sprouts,
Cabbage (cabbage, cabbage, cabbage), celery, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, Chinese cabbage,
Chrysanthemum, raincoat cabbage, geying, parsley,
spinach, cabbage, geying, cactus leaves, artemisia annua, yong CAI, etc
The root-stockCarrot, coarse root green vegetable, horseradish, artichokes,
turnip, tree, potato, turnip olive, cassava, radish, yam
(early maturing variety) potato for taro and French fries7-127-12
Early ripening varieties of ginger sweet potatoes jicama and crisps13-1813-18
the melon vegetablesCucumber, bitter gourd, loofah, bergamot melon, zucchini,
bamboo shoot melon
Wax gourd, pumpkin3-63-6
cauliflowerBroccoli, vegetables, etc0-30-3
Onion ginger classGarlic, leek, onion, raven onion, green onion, chives,
green onion, leek, garlic tomb, etc
Vegetables with beansString beans, green beans, broad beans, cowpeas, snake beans,
kidney beans, lentils, peas, Dutch beans, beet peas, four-sided beans
aquatic vegetablesCamelina, watercress, watercress, watercress0-30-3
Solanaceous fruitGreen tomatoes10-1510-15
Raw tomatoes2-62-6
Eggplant, Japanese eggplant, bell pepper, tree tomato and so on6-96-9
otherOther vegetables0-30-3

Fresh fruit

Benevolence fruitsapples0-40-4
berriesCranberries (blueberries), blackberries, strawberries, gooseberries (red, black and white),raspberries, loganberries, raspberries (raspberries), grapes, elderberries, persimmon, figs, kiwifruit, blackcurrant, pomegranate, red rum, mulberry0-30-3
stone fruitsApricot, cherry, peach, nectarine, plum, jujube0-30-3
melonwater melon5-95-9
Cantaloupe, melon3-5
(Medium and late maturing varieties)
(Early and medium ripe varieties)
citruslemon, Pomelo class10-1510-15
Citrus sweet orange, broad - rind sweet orange3-83-8
Tropical and subtropical fruitGreen banana, mayonnaise, breadfruit11-1511-15
Pineapple, guava, passion fruit, avocado (subtropical), olive, star fruit7-107-10
Mango, avocado (produced in tropical), wood, pineapple (jackfruit),
mangosteen, papaya (green fruit), rambutanr
10-1310- 13
Loquat, waxberry and other delicate fruits0-30-3
other fruitother fruit0-30-3

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