Tips for Box stake semi-trailer
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Tips for Box stake semi-trailer

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1. Sturdy and capable of loading ----- beam

As the most important part of the trailer, the structure and strength of the girder directly affect whether it can be used stably for a long time in the later stage. The self-weight of the girder affects the self-weight of the entire trailer.

2. Axle

This car is equipped with a BPW axle. Although the brand name does not necessarily mean good quality, as the most important accessory on the vehicle, the stability of the axle is related to the attendance rate of the entire vehicle. BPW has accumulated many years of production experience, with low failure rate and high recognition in the market.

3. Outriggers:

Due to the low probability of drop-and-hang transportation of the semi-hanging warehouse bar, the frequency of using outriggers is not high, so the use of ordinary outriggers has been able to cope with most situations. More cost-effective.

4.Self-adjusting arm

In the era of no self-adjusting arm, it is often necessary to check the brake clearance. If the clearance is too large, the brake will not work. If the clearance is too small, the brake system is prone to overheating, which may wear the brake pads at light, and cause the tires to be scrapped due to locking.

The popularization and promotion of the self-adjusting arm further facilitates the use of drum brakes. Compatible with the axle, the self-adjusting arm is also a supporting product of the BPW axle.

5. Tire

When buying a new car, the tire price also accounts for a large proportion. There are a total of 12 tires on the three axles, which is quite a lot. Therefore, it is also important to pay attention to the original tires.

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