Tractor Maintenance Instructions
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Tractor Maintenance Instructions

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1. Inspection of tires

The tire pressure should be checked at room temperature every month. If it is lower than the normal standard, the tire pressure should be added in time. The air pressure should not be too high or too low, otherwise it will affect driving safety. Check the tire for cracks and replace it in time if any safety hazard is found. When choosing tires, make them the same model.

2. Maintenance and inspection of battery

Check whether the battery is firmly fixed, and the electrolyte should be between the upper limit and the lower limit. When approaching the offline, electrolyte or distilled water should be added to the upstream in time. Keep the positive and negative cables of the battery in good contact, and keep the battery clean and dry.

Vehicles stored for a long time need to remove the positive and negative cables of the battery. After about half a month to reconnect the wiring and start the engine for about 20 minutes, if the battery is obviously insufficient, it should be charged in time.

3. Check the liquid level of the clutch master cylinder

The clutch fluid level is normal. If it is lower than the standard line, the main pump or the auxiliary pump bowl may be damaged. When the engine is running, it will be difficult or impossible to archive. Please go to the nearest repair station for repair immediately.

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