Types and characteristics of heavy truck suspension
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Types and characteristics of heavy truck suspension

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Types and characteristics of heavy truck suspension

Leaf spring suspension

Leaf spring suspension (referred to as leaf spring suspension) is further divided into small-piece variable cross-section steel plate suspension and uniform cross-section multi-leaf spring suspension. Its main advantages are simple structure, easy manufacture, convenient maintenance, mature technology and reliable work.

Disadvantage is the truck ride, comfort is poor; The sprung mass is too large to adapt to the development of lightweight heavy truck, and the comfort and handling stability of heavy truck can not be taken into account at the same time.

Air suspension

Air suspension system is an air spring as an elastic component, air as an elastic medium, in a sealed container filled with compressed air (pressure 0.5~), using the compressibility of gas, to achieve its elastic effect. The stiffness of this spring is variable and it has ideal elastic characteristics.

At present, there are two main control modes of air suspension, one is manually adjusted by mechanical height valve. The other is electronic control (ECAS), so that the performance of the traditional air suspension system has been greatly improved, improve the suspension operating comfort and response sensitivity.

The rubber suspension

Rubber suspension is a rubber spring as an elastic component, because the rubber spring has the characteristics of variable stiffness, therefore, the whole suspension has a strong bearing capacity. Rubber suspension has more advantages than traditional steel plate suspension in bearing capacity and reliability, and can adapt to harsh working conditions such as mine operation. 

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