What is difference between CKD and SKD?
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What is difference between CKD and SKD?

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CKD refers to Completely Knocked Down assembling all parts, which are all disassembled into small parts and then assembled by imported manufacturers themselves. SKD refers to Semi-Knocked Down semi-parts assembly, which refers to the disassembly of finished TV sets into movement, panels, and accessories. The semi-finished products will be assembled by the imported manufacturers themselves. 

When the SKD format is exported, the air conditioner chassis, compressor, condenser, etc. will be assembled on the machine to become a semi-finished air conditioner. The other piping, valve body and other parts are packaged separately and shipped to customers together. This type of export generally saves customers' labor costs, and customers can assemble SKD parts locally (generally lower labor costs than China). 

When exporting in the form of CKD parts, all air-conditioning parts are packaged separately and shipped to the customer together. Such an export form is equivalent to customers purchasing parts and components in China (using the local collaborative procurement capabilities of China's complete machine plants and the advantages of low-cost materials), which will save customers a lot of costs. 

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